Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Marl wine, bottle green and mustard.

Hello…. quick post before bed after another hectic day. Whoever said university was easy was definitely lying!
I threw this outfit on in the morning, so it’s pretty simple, but at least it was comfy and warm, which at the moment in Leeds is a pretty big priority.

This black dress is one of my staples as it is incredibly easy to wear. I got it for £6 from H&M using a discount code last year and have definitely got my cost-per-wear out of it since. The cardigan is from Ark and was a bargain at £22.99, it is so warm and snug, plus I adore the colour, it just reminds me of autumn. It took me ages to decide between marl wine and the bottle green. In the end I chose bottle green as I don’t have any other green clothes in my wardrobe. They do it in mustard as well which I was tempted by, but for me I think it was just a bit too bright.

my favourite onion soup mug - set of four £1.00 car boot sale

dress - £6 h&m, cardigan - £22.99 ark, belt - £50p car boot sale

I’m currently on the committee for Leeds RAG Fashion Show and tomorrow I get to meet the finalists from the model castings, which I am so excited about. I’m going to take my camera and try and get a few decent photos… I really need to learn how to actually use my camera, at the moment I just keep it on auto and hope for the best. So any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Good night all :)

Danielle Jaques
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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Autumn's faces.

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, I absolutely love any excuse for fancy dress and acting out a different persona. I always feel much freer and comfortable in fancy dress, I don’t really know what that says about me but give me a mask and I feel as if I can do/achieve anything.

Last year I and my flat mate went completely OTT and made our outfits from scratch and took photographs in the graveyard behind our University halls.

So this year I decided to calm it down a bit.
I went for the standard dead look based on a pair of tights my Dad bought for me. I wore my old hair extensions, which really made me want long hair again, but I really dislike the in-between stage of growing it, when it becomes that awkward length.

dress – my sister’s, shirt – vintage kilo sale, tights - £3 ASDA, necklace - gift

Last weekend was way too hard core for my new recluse lifestyle. My small two bedroom house was invaded by people and ended up having three incredibly messy nights and one person sleeping in the bath, in typical University style.
The original plan was to go and see the firework display in Hyde Park. But our plans changed because of the rain and we ended up staying in and playing with sparklers in the yard.

Playsuit - £5 primark, necklace – gift, leather jacket - £175 Topshop gift, belt – my dad’s, earrings – spanish market

My sister found this playsuit for me in Primark, and for five pounds it’s an absolute bargain. I love the print, it’s got a real autumn feel to it and is really comfortable to wear.

The next day we went on a spontaneous day trip to York with sore heads. York is such a beautiful city; I can’t believe I’ve never visited before. It is very quaint and picturesque and had a festive market on when we went which was lovely. I ended up spending far too much on fudge as it was too tempting to resist. We ended up going to a Yorkshire tea room, which was really pretty but a bit overbearing as the waitresses were very snobbish and made us all feel pretty uncomfortable.

After such a hectic weekend I’ve been spending the last few nights catching up on work and curled up in bed with a cup of tea. It’s been six days and I’m still returning to normal.

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm breaking at the britches

Tonight I was meant to be seeing Bon Iver at O2 Academy, but sadly due to a mix up I am no longer going. I decided to be a nice housemate and give my ticket to my friend who is a life long lover of Bon Iver and much more worthy of the ticket, but I’m still incredibly jealous!

As usual I’ve been working far too much lately. I’m currently searching for a placement for next year, which is a much more stressful and competitive process than I thought. This means less time for the blog and more time spent at the careers centre.

I wore this outfit whilst model casting for Leeds RAG Fashion Show earlier on this week.
It’s the first time I’ve worn this coat as I bought it in spring from one of my local charity shops in Nottingham. I like the colour and the buttons, plus it fits perfectly. Its not very warm though, but its perfect for the transition from autumn to winter.

coat - charity shop £3.99, blouse - charity shop £1.00, shorts - h&m £19.99, belt - my dads, necklace - vintage 50p

I’m not all that happy at the moment as last night some youths decided it would be funny to egg my house at when I was all alone which was rather scary. Now my front door is covered in egg shells and goo. Not nice.
Tomorrow is going to be spent with a hosepipe attempting to clean it all off.
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