Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Have you seen us?

Leeds RAG Fashion Show is nearly here!

I'm so incredibly excited for tomorrow, which is set to be the most stressful, hectic but also the most rewarding day of the year. I cannot wait to see the final result and all of our hard work put together.

I am currently sat in the final rehersal frantically typing this blog post before I'm pulled into action and am surrounded by mass hysteria and the air of excitement as all the models find out all the final details. All of which are top secret at the moment so I'm afraid I cannot tell you. Basically expect the weird and wonderful!!

If you don't already know the show is sponsored by Harvey Nichols so this isn't going to be any ordinary university fashion show, expect Prada, Armani, Burberry, ACNE, Gucci and much much more! As well as an eclectic mixture of vintage and current clothes.

The clock's ticking guys, so get your tickets QUICK from either our new Pop-Up shop opposite Essentials in Leeds University Union or

Here are the posters which have been all around campus for the past few weeks:

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