Monday, 10 October 2011

Vintage Kilo Sale

So the rain finally started on Saturday. But instead of hiding away inside, I headed to town ignoring my ever growing overdraft.

Somehow ended up spending thirty quid in Primark which actually impressed me for once and I just couldn’t resist.

shorts – primark £14, tights – primark £2, brogues – primark £14

I found a vintage kilo sale going on in one of my favourite clubs, Wire. I had high expectations after my first kilo sale on Brick Lane a couple of years ago. I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t too busy at the beginning and it was exactly the right size not to get bored, plus the dj was brilliant. Ended up eating into my overdraft again, but at £15 a kilo it was definitely worth it.

all for £20

Danielle Jaques
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  1. Wow, vintage kilo sales look legit, you found so many goodies. Wish we had them in NZ!

  2. Wow the clothing items look really cool, I like the shorts! That reminds me I need to go looking for a pair of wool shorts!
    Farrah's Muse

  3. Those brogues are primani gold! xoxo

  4. Hellooo! Thanks so much for your comment. Love all of these buys! I mainly use a quick and easy editing program called Toy Camera Analog Color where you can just click on presets for different vintage effects. It's lazy but awesome!

  5. I love these shorts, they definitely don't look like Primark.. Will have to join you in the ever growing overdraft, and hunt these down! x

  6. Nice buys!

  7. Oh I love the idea of a kilo sale. I love the green blouse.

  8. I've never been to a kilo sale but they look so good! The cableknit cardigan is lush xxx

  9. cannot believe them brogues are from Primark - amazing