Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm breaking at the britches

Tonight I was meant to be seeing Bon Iver at O2 Academy, but sadly due to a mix up I am no longer going. I decided to be a nice housemate and give my ticket to my friend who is a life long lover of Bon Iver and much more worthy of the ticket, but I’m still incredibly jealous!

As usual I’ve been working far too much lately. I’m currently searching for a placement for next year, which is a much more stressful and competitive process than I thought. This means less time for the blog and more time spent at the careers centre.

I wore this outfit whilst model casting for Leeds RAG Fashion Show earlier on this week.
It’s the first time I’ve worn this coat as I bought it in spring from one of my local charity shops in Nottingham. I like the colour and the buttons, plus it fits perfectly. Its not very warm though, but its perfect for the transition from autumn to winter.

coat - charity shop £3.99, blouse - charity shop £1.00, shorts - h&m £19.99, belt - my dads, necklace - vintage 50p

I’m not all that happy at the moment as last night some youths decided it would be funny to egg my house at when I was all alone which was rather scary. Now my front door is covered in egg shells and goo. Not nice.
Tomorrow is going to be spent with a hosepipe attempting to clean it all off.
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  1. lovely post! i love vintage outfits, it makes us unique i think!

  2. i love how you find awesome stuff in charity shops too :) so jelous of everyone going to see bon iver..

  3. You look awesome!


  4. i love this vintage look, the necklace really adds to the vintage feel. lovely blog by the way - following! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  5. Your blouse is gorgeous! I love it.
    Shame about your front door, that is so not cool! :-( xx

  6. what a bargain and rather darling coat :)

  7. AS IF YOUR COAT WAS £3.99!!!
    It is amazing, I've been looking for a coat that colour for aaaages, good work.
    You have a really cool blog, we are definitely following.
    JS xx

  8. Love, love, love your blouse, necklace and coat... in fact I love the whole outfit! Haha Great blog :)

    Kirsti xx

  9. really enjoyed reading your blog! And I agree that York is lovely, it's one of my favourite cities :) xx

  10. Cute blog, cute outfit, new follower! ^_^