Thursday, 27 October 2011

Leeds Fashion Show 2011

On the 14th November I worked at Leeds Fashion Show where I was the ‘Photography Coordinator’ which basically involved bossing photographers about.
It was an amazing experience as I’d never been to a fashion show before, and to have an access all areas pass was brilliant.

It was held at Leeds City Museum, in the Millennium Square, which was completely transformed for the night and looked amazing. Backstage was incredibly hectic as you’d imagine, with everyone running around getting everything organised.

The show was in aid of Cash for Kids and helps up-and-coming local designers and fashion students showcase their work. All of the models worked free of charge and everyone was just excited to be part of it and had a really great time. The male models were pretty hot too, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Some of the collections were a bit hit and miss, and I wasn’t a huge fan of a few, some seemed out-of-date and without a theme. I liked the strong collections with bold shapes and colours the most.

The show itself was really exciting and the talent on show was of a really high calibre, especially the current fashion students who were already at the same level of the established designers.

Some of my favourite collections were Klue by Kelly Ann, her mixture of textures and silhouettes really made her collection stand out.

Designer - Klue. Photograph - Mike Distras

Asobi Fashion by Shi-Yuen Li had a brilliant menswear collection, which is saying something as men’s wear never usually interests me. Her women’s wear collection was equally good, and what makes me like her more is that she’s a fellow Leeds University student, she graduated in 2010 and has already achieved so much.

Altogether by favourite piece was a black, fringed, full length dress, with shirt-like and bow details on the collar by Ewa Domanska It looked stunning on the catwalk and was even more beautiful up-close backstage.

Another one of Ewa’s dresses stood out, due to the mix of textures between the front and the back on the skirt of the dress. I liked the mixture of the leather top, with the plain front of the skirt and the ruffled back of the skirt.

My favourite print of the show was by two current students, Lauren & Elouise for their label Daize Designs.

Some of the most fashionable people in the audience:

The lovely Shang-Ting from Hebe Media.

As you can tell I loved every minute of it, just a quick thanks to everyone who was involved! Especially all you other volunteers, with whom I headed to Revolution afterwards for one too many cocktails...

Danielle Jaques
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  1. Looks like it was a very successful event! Well done to all! And the after party cocktails look good aswell, very well deserved x

  2. What an amazing fashion show and what beautiful pieces. The event looks like it was a blast!


  3. Great experience. Hi! I am new to your blog. Loved it! Have a Cupcake week;)

  4. looks like a good night!xxx

  5. Such a great blog babes. Can't wait for more posts. Big up da blogging lyf

  6. Great designs, I love young designers!

    Would be a pleasure if you visit me too!

  7. looks great. love your photos
    Much Love ♡

    Jess †