Thursday, 5 April 2012

Vau Vau Fashion Show - Catch Up

Better late than never...  
Here are some of my photos from the fabulous VAU VAU Fashion Show which raised over £2000 for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Cancer Research UK.

It was an incredibly unique event and it offered something different from the usual fashion show. From the old abandoned Leftbank Church it was held in, to the alternative style of the models and outfits. The event was amazing fun and everybody’s enthusiasm was evident throughout regardless of the Northern cold.

As one of the main assistants to the fashion show I was there early helping set up and generally running around like a mad man.

There were also a really good selection of stalls there

Walnut Wax Photography


Leftbank Church

The hair was done by the incredible Rebel Pin Up who specialize in offering ‘cutting edge hairdressing with a rock and roll attitude’ and if it wasn’t for my placement searching I would be heading straight there for a head full of colour and a dramatic cut as they really are the best hairdressers for colouring in Leeds. For this show there was a mix of vintage rolls, mad crimping and massive horns and antlers.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Vivi Sterling from Texas, who has the nicest accent, a mix between Scottish and Texas.

The event was wonderful and I like to thank the organisers Toria Brightside and Emma Parry for getting me involved and doing a fantastic job and to Fashion Pony for sponsoring the show.  

Danielle Jaques
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