Friday, 5 April 2013

My H&M wardrobe update for Spring

1. A source, origin, or beginning.       
2. a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, 
during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive.

b. A time of growth and renewal.           
3. The earliest or freshest time of something

Spring’s arrival makes the world seem much more appealing, and fresh starts suddenly seem possible. Mornings are brighter, bluebells and daffodils are in full bloom and the sun is still shining at 7pm. 

All of this means that my wardrobe is in desperate need of a new lease of life...

boyfriend jeans - £19.99 h&m
I’ve been after a pair of boyfriend jeans, and found the perfect pair in H&M for £19.99 (with £10 discount on denim). I don’t own jeans so this was something completely different to what I’d usually wear. 
Although my sister says they look like my Dad’s jeans and they do nothing for my backside, I love them! Ultra comfy and relaxed, what’s not to like?

mint green trousers - £10 (sale) h&m
I found these mint green tailored trousers on the sale rail for £10. These will be perfect for work in spring with the cuffs rolled up and sandals.

cream lace pencil skirt - £1.25 (sale) h&m

Cream lace pencil skirt £1.25 (originally £30, down to £5, but with a yellow stain on it, now removed with the help of Vanish)) Best bargain ever! Is excellent quality, with a cream lining and is the most amazing fit as well.

new icons rings - £3.99, divided rings - £2.99 both h&m
These rings haven't left my fingers since I bought them, the divided ones started to go bronze quite quickly though.

Quite impressed with H&M lately, a lot of their pieces are hit and miss, but there are some good quality pieces at affordable prices, especially in the more 'grown up' section.

Danielle Jaques
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