Monday, 3 June 2013

Primark has surprised me once again

Oh Primark you beauty, you’ve gone and surprised me once again. I tend to find Primark very hit and miss, sometimes I enter and just think to myself, what a load of rubbish, yet another time I find lots of pieces which could easily be confused for being much more expensive at a fraction of the price. The other day was one of the better days. 

On a trip to Harrogate during my day off, I managed to find an empty well-stocked Primark (shock horror!). As I work full-time, I only ever usually get to experience Primark on a Saturday, which for those who haven’t experienced it, it is something which should be avoided at all cost! So this was a very pleasant experience compared to usual. 

I am in love with this sheer black, fringed cover up, at only £7 it’s an absolute bargain, and in my opinion looks just like something you’d find in Topshop. I seem to have obtained quite the obsession with fringing lately, with 3 fringed pieces this month! 
This turquoise stone necklace, also fringed (see what I mean), was only £3, at that price you can’t say no! It hangs at just the right height, and I’ve been looking for a longer, statement necklace for a while, so this is perfect. 

I went on a slight sunglasses spree, but at £1.50 each it’s hard to resist! It’s pretty clear that I have a love of tortoise shell! P.s. the middle pair's my favourite!

Primark you are once again firmly back in my good books!

Danielle Jaques
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