Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The first of many to come... Nottingham car boot sale

The bank holiday weekend meant a return to Nottingham for me, and with that the inevitable car boot sale trips! I am a car boot sale lover, my whole family are and not ashamed of it! I get so many things from there and find it one of the nicest ways to spend a Sunday morning.

Bank holiday's are my absolute favourite, not only for the extra day in bed, but the fact that I can go to two car boot sales two days in a row. Heaven!
For the first one this year I decided to stay away from my usual Colwick Race Ground car boot in Nottingham and headed to a much smaller, more quaint car boot tucked away in the English countryside in a village called Gotham.

Gotham car boot sale

Colwick car boot is a really large car boot, and one which I've favoured for years, but lately I've noticed a shift in the type of people selling and buying. It's turned into more of a cattle market with people elbowing each other out of the way, and I've had to watch my bag a few times. Not quite how I want to spend my Sunday mornings! A lot of the 'regulars' are even starting to move away to the less profitable car boots in the area just for the better atmosphere and to regain that sense of community. However it's definitely still worth a visit, just get there early and have your wits about you, as there's still plenty of bargains to be found! Especially worth a look around the time when students are leaving University and heading back home... aka now!

Colwick car boot sale

Here's what I wore on Monday's trip:
Floral print trousers - George @ ASDA
Cream crochet top - TopShop

Spring's reappearance called for floral trousers! Which I paired with this cream crochet TopShop cami top and my converse for roaming around the countryside.
The tapestry drawstring bag was one of the previous day's purchases for 40p off of an old lady who we found out used to be best friends with my great grandmother!

This weekend's purchases have left me incredibly happy, and are hopefully an indication of the goodies to come! Post on my bargains soon!!

Danielle Jaques

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