Sunday, 11 December 2011

Beauty is an abstract thing.

This last month has been one disaster after another, first no internet, followed by no TV and finally a broken laptop. So I apologise for the severe lack of posts.

Thankfully as an early Christmas present I now have a new laptop and am back home for Christmas, so also have the internet. Thank the Lord!

Bear with me whilst I set everything up again and find a way to transfer all of my photos from my broken laptop to my new one. But I am determined that it will be done.

Here are some photos of the (in my opinion) beautiful Rick Genest to keep you occupied...

Rick Genest

This advertisement is amazing and really demonstrates the power that tattoos can hold over your opinions of a person.  'Go Beyond The Cover'

Danielle Jaques
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  1. He IS beautiful! Love these photos xx

  2. He is really interesting looking! At least you have a new laptop now and internet connection :) xo

  3. I've seen a couple of his interviews on Youtube and he's really interesting. A little macabre but nonetheless, very interesting person. I got to give him props for being such an advocate for self-expression.