Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Home is where the heart is.

Yay the Christmas holidays have begun! I say holiday but it’ll be full of revision, but also festive fun! This year I’ve been getting overly excited about Christmas and spending time with my friends from home and family. Don’t get me wrong I love university, but it’s lovely to be looked after and cared for, at least for a little while.

A couple of weeks ago I hopped back to Nottingham and managed a quick shop round my favourite charity shop of all time, Honeycomb, a Christian charity shop in my village. I will definitely have to do a post about it during this holiday. I’m considering offering to volunteer there this Christmas, purely to gain access to the upstairs where I have been granted access to only twice before, and is an absolute treasure chest of goodies all at incredibly cheap prices. (Post to come)

I made a few purchases; this bright mustard scarf I got for £1. As mentioned previously I love this colour, but couldn’t quite commit to a whole cardigan in it, so this scarf is the perfect amount colour injection to an outfit. I got these silver and red earrings and I also found a ring that I bought previously but then lost for £2.00 in the Topshop sale so I snapped that up as well.
scarf - £1.00, earrings - £1.50 both charity shop, ring -£2.00 topshop
I also got a sparkly black and gold top and a red glittery Christmas jumper just to add some extra festive spirit to my wardrobe.
top - £3.50, jumper - £3.50 both charity shop
For my bedroom I found this gorgeous old-fashioned water decanter for my bedside table and this book of ‘The Classic Novels’ by Jane Austen.
book - £2.50 , water decanter - £2.00 both charity shop
After reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte over the summer I’ve decided to tackle more old classics in a bid to be more ‘cultured’ plus I like the old-fashioned language and the nostalgic feeling you get when reading them.  I just need to find the time to sit down and read it now.

Danielle Jaques
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  1. Those clothes are gorgeous! Looks like a fab charity shop x

  2. Got to love charity shop finds! These are great! And I love the bag at the top, it's so sweet :)

    Kirsti xx

  3. Some lovely charity shop finds, I'm from Nottingham and the charity shops in the town centre arent all that great for cute pieces like these!

  4. Ohh I'm going down to Nottingham next weekend, will have to take a peek! Lovely blog sweet, now following you :) xx

  5. Lovely blog you have! Love the earrings, ring and red jumper! And so cheap! I also love Jane Austen, only read pride and prejudice in Dutch (I'm from Belgium, that's why) but I'm planning to read it in English as well!
    I used the word love a lot...
    xx Zouk

  6. aw these photos are so nice! you have a really nice blog, im about to follow!

  7. Love a charity shop bargain. I love my classics too, my other half got me a copy of P+P published in 1920's on ebay for a steal!