Saturday, 17 December 2011

A dying art.

Today I went for the easiest outfit in the world, a playsuit. This one is from Urban Outfitters down from £45 to £15 because it had a large rip where the buttons are on the front which meant that most people rejected it straight away. But for me it was a bargain and after five minutes with some needle and thread it is as good as new and only those with a very eager eye would be able to notice.

My mum brought me up to be able to fix things and when I was younger many a day was spent on a sewing machine making cushion covers, purses and handbags. I am so grateful. I think it’s a real shame that not many young people nowadays can sew and it’s becoming a dying art. The fact that more people are doing DIY and fixing things more themselves is one of the few good things that has occurred because of the recession. As well as being a good thing to do (reduce, reuse, recycle and all that) it also makes you feel better when you know that you have done something yourself.

Even though I am saying all of this, it is slightly hypocritical, as lately I’ve been doing a lot less sewing than usual and really need to buck my ideas up and crack out the sewing machine. This is definitely one of my New Year resolutions and hopefully one that I’ll actually stick to.

Playsuit - £15 Urban Outfitters, Leather jacket – Topshop Boutique, Fur collar - £2 Charity shop, Brogues - £14 Primark

bracelet - £6 Spitalfields market, ring – LLYMLRS
nail varnish - not like the movies OPI

Danielle Jaques

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  1. I wore a playsuit today too! And we were talking about being able to sew at work on Friday - I was the only one that could work a sewing machine out of 20 of us!

    My nan taught me to sew when I was about 12 and I hate not being able to! Such a useful skill -not that I use it much nowadays! xx

  2. I love these photos, you look amazing. You got such a great deal on the playsuit! I know how you feel about sewing being a dying art. When I was younger, my mom used to make all my clothes for me and growing around her sewing all the time sparked my interest in it too. I learned how to sew throughout high school, although I'm not the most patient in the world, so I don't really make clothes anymore but I do alter and fix things up myself haha.



  3. Great playsuit! I agree, it's lovely making things yourself, (just unfortunately I'm not very good at it!!)

  4. You have the BEST hair. Wish I had sewing skillz like you, I must learn!

  5. looks like you grabbed an absolute bargain ! (and a very cute one at that!)

  6. i always think playsuits/rompers look funny on me but it's really cute on you!

  7. This outfit is perfect, I love your style!
    I just wandered upon your blog today and it's really lovely, I'm following and look forward to reading more...
    Mona x

  8. I love this outfit! The colour of the playsuit is gorgeous and the jacket and the fur goes so well x

  9. Absolutely LOVE your playsuit! What a bargain price too! :) xxx